Introducing Caspi

December 23, 2015 John Rochon Jr.



CASPI’S POWER to renew your skin comes from the building blocks of beauty found in premium Siberian caviar. Caspi is the first skin care system to extract and harness the pure potential of the caviar stem cells, sparking beauty at its very source.

The caviar stem cell extract encourages the growing layer of skin to produce fresh, youthful looking tissue. The skin may actually appear progressively firmer and more radiant, with fewer lines and wrinkles. As the skin rejuvenates, light is diffused through thousands of microscopic beads coated in genuine 24 karat gold. This layer of gold cloaks the skin in a soft, warm glow, softening the shadows that cause visible wrinkles. Skin immediately appears brighter and more youthful.


Experience the remarkable power of the world’s most advanced skin care system: Caspi.